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Waterproofing of buildings is one of the most important parts in the construction industry. Our company is focused on safe and sustainable products. Prevention of damages is crucial. After a damage occured, the consequences of a leakage is even harder to repair.The company WFP offers professional sealing systems for new and old buildings.

We are specialiced in manufacturing and developing of waterproofing systems and provide a wide range of products.

Application overview about WFP Injection Resins

Injection resins and injection gels are our core expertise since many years. Our customers appreciate our high product quality. Due to several inquiries from our clients we have prepared an overview which illustrates the application areas and some technical features of WFP injection resins.



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Quality instead of Quantity

We provide for every waterproofing application field the right product system!!!

Sheet pile sealing

High-pressure injection by means with polyurethane resins.

surface sealing

Floor and wall sealing of an underground garage.